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Claiming Head of Household Filing Status - Tax Planning: U.S.
Taxpayers claiming the Head of Household filing status benefit from a higher standard deduction and lower tax rates than single taxpayers.
Single Parents - Head of Household - Income Tax Filing Status
Confused about whether you qualify for "Head of Household" status. Get the information you need to determine who legally qualified--you or your ex.
Can Two People Claim Head of Household at Same Address?
Find out whether two people, who both live at the same address, each qualify for the head of household filing status when they prepare their tax returns.
How to Determine Head of Household Filing Status Video
Head of household filing status is an important distinction when filing tax returns and it is important to declare this if applicable. Learn how to determine if you are  ...
Requirements to Qualify for Head of Household Status
Aug 30, 2008 ... Head of Household is one of five different filing status options available to taxpayers, and is often the most advantageous filing status for single ...
Dependents, Head of Household, and Earned Income Credit
Jan 24, 2012 ... People often ask me about whether they can claim dependents, whether they qualify for the head of household filing status, and whether they ...
Choosing Your Filing Status on Federal Income Taxes
There are special situations where married persons can be "considered unmarried" for purposes of qualifying for the head of household status even if they are ...
Married Filing Separately Status on Tax Returns - Tax Planning: U.S.
Married taxpayers may be eligible to file separate tax returns using the Head of Household filing status. You may be eligible for head of household if your spouse  ...
Filing as Qualifying Widow/Widower With Dependent Child
Further, the child would need to reside in the same household as the taxpayer for the entire year, except for ... Filing Status · Head of Household · Single.
Head of Household Filing Status Question - Tax Planning: U.S.
Mar 31, 2006 ... Linda N. in Georgia wants to know if she can claim Head of Household status. " My ex-husband and I split on June 28, 2005. Our daughter has ...
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