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Articles related to head circumference

WHO Growth Charts for Children (Boys and Girls) - Pediatrics
May 19, 2014 ... ... growth charts included eight charts each for boys and girls, including charts to follow a child's height, weight, head circumference, body mass ...
Children's Growth Chart Percentiles Calculator - Pediatrics - About ...
Enter your child's weight, height and/or head circumference and their age and see what percentile they are on the US growth charts: What is your child's gender ?
Head Circumference (HC) - Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss
Jul 22, 2008 ... The head circumference measurement on an ultrasound is the number of centimeters around the developing baby's head. The head ...
28 Week Ultrasound Head Circumference
Feb 27, 2010 ... 28 Week Ultrasound Head Circumference. Page 13.
Normal Growth of Young Children - Pediatrics - About.com
May 20, 2014 ... How do I know if my child is growing normally? Regular measurements of your child's height, weight and head circumference and plotting them ...
How to Resize a Hat Knitting Pattern - Learn to Knit - About.com
Sizing for hats can be a bit tricky because everyone's head is a different size and ... you can knit a hat that's smaller than the actual head circumference and it will ...
A Two-Month-Old Baby - Pediatrics - About.com
Mar 31, 2007 ... ... laugh and make noises, lift his head and chest up while lying on his ... measurement of your child's height, weight and head circumference, ...
A Two-Year-Old - Pediatrics - About.com
... a review of feeding and sleep schedules, measurement of your child's height, weight and head circumference, and immunizations, which will likely include the  ...
Accelerated Head Growth May be One Symptom of Autism ...
Feb 6, 2008 ... A study at the University of Washington pinpoints rapid head growth in ... "This abnormal or accelerated rate of head circumference growth is a ...
A Two-Week-Old Baby - Pediatrics - About.com
Mar 31, 2007 ... At the two-week checkup, you can expect your doctor to check the weight, height and head circumference of your baby and review her growth ...
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