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Essential German Greetings - How To Greet In German With Ease
Hello. Hallo. Grüß dich! &nbsp casual. Grüß Gott! &nbsp In southern Germany and Austria. Guten Tag. &nbsp Hello/Good Day. Guten Morgen/Guten Abend.
Indian Languages Primer: German to Hindi, Bengali, Marathi
Guten Tag, Namaste, Nomoskar, Namaskar. Auf Wiedersehen, Alavidha ( namaste), Accha - Aashi, Accha Yetho. Tsch|_, Phir milengay, Abar dekha hobe, Evada ...
Day Expressions in German - German Language - About.com
One of the first expressions that every beginner in German learns is "Guten Tag!" — literally, "Good day!" But not all "day" expressions in German are as straight ...
German Mistakes - Embarassing German Mistakes
(41) Lloyd Barb says : What little German I do know, I am frozen when I attempt to speak it with anyone except maybe for the most basic Guten Tag or other one ...
Indian Languages Primer: German to Tamil, Telugu, Kannada
Guten Morgen, Kaalai vanakkam, Shubhodayam, Shubha dina. Guten Tag, Maalai Vanakkam, Namaskaramulu, Namaskara. Guten Abend, Maalai Vanakkam ...
Essential German on One Page - German Phrasebook
Guten Tag! - Auf Wiedersehen! GOO-ten tak - owf-VEEder-zane, train station - airport. Bahnhof - Flughafen BAHN-hof - FLOOG-hafen. Good morning! Guten ...
German ABC Pronunciation Guide - AUDIO German Text
AUDIO SCRIPT 1 - Hear the AUDIO (.ram). PART 1a - From Essential German. ja - nein - vielleicht. Guten Tag! - Auf Wiedersehen! Guten Morgen! - Gute Nacht!
German for Travelers: The Basics - Travel Phrasebook
Guten Tag! (GOO-ten tahk). Good-bye! Auf Wiedersehen! (owf VEE-der-zane). Good morning! Guten Morgen! (GOO-ten morgen). Good night! Gute Nacht!
Essential German 1 - AUDIO 1 - German Language - About.com
Common Phrases. DEUTSCH, ENGLISH. ja - nein - vielleicht, yes - no - maybe. Guten Tag! Auf Wiedersehen! Hello! Goodbye! Guten Morgen! Good morning!
Quick Tip: Learn German: How to Say Hello Video
It means translating "Good day" -- say "Guten Tag". This is how we approach each other in the morning. This is the way to say "Good morning" in German, and it's ...
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