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Faulty Causation Fallacies: Oversimplification and Exaggeration
Fallacy Name: Oversimplification and Exaggeration. Alternative Names: Fallacy of Reduction Fallacy of Multiplication. Category: Faulty Causation. Explanation:
Measuring the Economy - Bureau of Economic Analysis
Because the economy is so complex, the NIPAs simplify the information by organizing it in a ..... expenditures approach, the NIPAs also present gross domestic ...
Calculate your ecological footprint! - Calorie Count
The calculation presented here is obviously a gross simplification and does not take into account many details that will add or subtract from ...
Inventions are Interdependent - Inventors - About.com
Aug 18, 2013 ... As a gross simplification, one might think of the automobile as an amalgamation of various preexisting parts, including the steering wheel and ...
A German Attack On America? - European History - About.com
... megalomaniac and the plans those for world domination. These descriptions may be true, but they present a gross simplification of the late nineteenth century.
Women, Thanksgiving and Gender Roles
Although the "women cook, men watch TV" description may be a gross simplification of the rituals of Thanksgiving, it highlights a significant but unspoken aspect ...
Spelling Reform: Double-s Words - German Language - Eszett
... (short-vowel rule), but the adjective groß ("big") stays groß (long-vowel rule). ... They fall far short of true simplification, which many disappointed people had ...
Weightlifting and Sleep - Calorie Count
Here's a nice overview that doesn't suffer from gross over-simplification (for example, most things you can find on the web will say that elevated ...
China | Facts and History
This era is called the "Three Kingdoms," after the three most powerful of the rival realms (Wei, Shu, and Wu), but that is a gross simplification. By 589 CE, the ...
Simplifying with Exponents - Learn Simplifying with Exponents
Simplifying with Exponents teaches how to use the Power of a Quotient Rule. Simplify exponents ... 6 Unexpectedly Gross Things About Musicians · By Jonathan ...
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