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Deploying Grassroots - Lobby - About.com
Although there is safety in numbers, the quality of grassroots efforts can be far more important than the quantity. One letter or phone call from a constituent who  ...
Grassroots Lobbying - What is Grassroots Lobbying - Animal Rights
Grassroots Lobbying 101 - This page will explain what grassroots lobbying is, why you should do it, and how to do it.
Closed Captioning - Caption Action - Story of a Grassroots Closed ...
The story of Caption Action, an early grassroots campaign to increase closed ... Word of Gopen's letter-writing efforts began to spread, starting with an article in ...
Georgia Schools N-Z - Private Schools - About.com
Oakhurst Cooperative Preschool is a parent-teacher cooperative established in 2005 as the result of the grassroots efforts of neighborhood parents wanting to ...
The Restroom Access Act Or Ally's Law
Allyson Bain is the woman who spearheaded efforts to pass the first Restroom ... The act has been passed in these states largely as result of grassroots efforts.
Great American Cleanup Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - About.com
The local effort is coordinated by statewide nonprofit organization Keep Oklahoma ... facilitate and recognize grassroots efforts that will improve the aesthetic, ...
Barack Obama on Civil Liberties - About.com
... would have exempted grassroots lobbying efforts from campaign finance reform regulations. The amendment passed the Senate without Obama's support.
Flea Control Products for Cats - About.com
Grassroots Movements. By Franny ... reporters from newspapers, radio, and television stations around the U.S. played a part in solidifying the grassroots efforts.
Occupy Sandy Relief Efforts: Still in Need of Volunteers ...
Find out where one of the most committed grassroots groups is working (though they are not alone by far) in Coney Island, the Rockaways, Staten Island and ...
The Importance of Date Night - Wedding Traditions - About.com
Grassroots Efforts to Promote Married Date Nights. Date Night isn't cheap. The cost for dinner, a movie and a babysitter easily approaches $100, making the ...
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