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Articles related to goto statements

Understanding and Using the Goto Delphi Statement - About.com
A Delphi Goto statement transfers program execution to the statement marked by the specified label. Learn how to use and when not to use Goto code jumps!
Goto Delphi: How I (Almost) Ended Up Using Goto in Delphi code
To be honest I was amazed. Just a few days ago I found myself opening up Delphi help to look for Goto examples and how one can use the Goto statement in ...
OOP and GoTo - Visual Basic - About.com
A historic article in 1968, "Go To Statement Considered Harmful" by Edsger W. Dijkstra, was an important part of starting the OOP movement. For years, instead  ...
CAD: GOTO equivalent, matlab compiler, goto statements - AllExperts
Nov 22, 2005 ... matlab compiler, goto statements, matlab script: Hi Jose, the use of GOTO statements is heavily discouraged since it is a bad way of writing ...
Qbasic, Quickbasic: Using GOTO, goto statement, gotos - AllExperts
Oct 11, 2004 ... goto statement, gotos, amatures: The GOTO statement is very powerful but also very primitive so care must be taken or you code will throw bugs ...
The Case Statement in Ruby - About.com
a switch statement is a kind of replacement for a series of if and goto statements. The cases are technically labels, and the switch statement will goto the ...
PHP GoTo Control Structure Example - PHP/MySQL - About.com
How tutorial of how to use GoTo in PHP to skip over code.
If-Then and If-Then-Else Conditional Statements in Java - About.com
Use the if-then and if-then-else statements when your program needs to make a simple decision about what to do next.
The Traps of the If-Then-Else Statement in Delphi Code - About.com
In Delphi, the if statement is used to test for a condition and then execute ... in Delphi Programming · Understanding and Using the Goto Delphi Statement.
Control Statements - Definition - C/C++/C - About.com
Definition of Control Statements. ... Definition: Control Statements are elements in Source Code that control the flow of program execution. ... There's also goto.
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