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What the Bible Says About Itself - About.com
With that in mind, let's explore three important claims the Bible makes about itself: 1) that the Scriptures are inspired by God, 2) that the Bible is true, and 3) that ...
Recognizing God - How Would Anyone Recognize God or Know God?
A common argument for the existence of God is one based upon personal, often mystical, experiences. A person claims they have had direct and immediate ...
Who has the Burden of Proof? Atheism vs. Theism
Some claims are easier and simpler to support than others — but regardless, a claim ... but it is the theist who asserts the further belief in the existence of a god.
Why Should Theists Prove that God Exists? - Agnosticism / Atheism
When atheists and theists debate the existence of gods, atheists generally ask for some sort of proof of the god or gods that the theist claims exist. Why do they ...
Argument From Religious Experience - Agnosticism / Atheism
Because we believe the experiential claims which people generally make - like that they ... experiences of the supernatural, like heaven or angels or even a god.
Atheist Myths: Is Atheism Based on Faith? - Agnosticism / Atheism
Many believers claim that atheism is as much of a faith as theism because atheists cannot prove God doesn't exist. This is a mistake on multiple levels: it's not ...
God Can't Be Proven Scientifically - Should Atheists Not Apply ...
A popular argument from religious theists involves, in some manner, the claim that their god is beyond scientific proof, evidence, testing, experimentation, ...
Introduction to Theism - Definition of Atheism Terms
To put it simply, theism is a belief in the existence of at least one god - nothing more, ... has a burden of proof is obligated to “prove” their claims in some fashion.
Myth: Defining Atheism as a 'Lack of Belief in God' is a Cop Out - Do ...
This myth explains why this is so important to some theists: if atheism is just the absence of belief in gods, then it's not making any claims that all atheists must ...
Myth: Atheists Would Believe if they Knew God, Experience God's ...
Myth: You claim you were a Christian once, but you never really experienced God and Jesus. If you had, you would never have become an atheist. Response:
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