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German for Travelers: The Basics - Travel Phrasebook
Useful basic German vocabulary and phrases for travelers to German-speaking Europe.
Essential German on One Page - German Phrasebook
An Essential German 'phrase page' of basic words and expressions - a phrasebook ... An annotated English-German glossary for travelers headed for Austria, ...
German for Travelers - German Language - About.com
Planning a trip to Germany, Austria, or German Switzerland? This special German for Travelers course will help you prepare. You'll learn the essential German ...
German Travel - German Language - About.com
Articles, information, and links about traveling to or in German-speaking countries .
Useful German Phrases for Train Travel - Germany Travel - About.com
Our German travel glossary offers useful German phrases related to train travel in Germany; learn how to book your train tickets in German, and learn useful ...
German Phrases - Useful Phrases When Travelling
Useful German Phrases When Travelling. ... Once you arrive in Germany, you will most likely use the train to travel around Germany and throughout Europe.
German for Travelers: Useful German for Dining Out - Germany Travel
Want to order your Kaffee in German? Then have a look at these basic and simple German sentences that are helpful when dining out in German restaurants .
English-German Travel Glossary: L-Z - Travel Vocabulary
An annotated glossary of travel-related words and expressions in German and English. Part Two.
English-German Travel Glossary: A-K - Travel Vocabulary
An annotated glossary of travel-related words and expressions in German and English. Part One.
Learn Useful German Phrases and Words - Germany Travel - About ...
Useful German Phrases: Learn German Phrases for your Germany travels; our ... German Travel Glossary - Essential German Words and Phrases ...
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