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The Four German Cases: Summary - German Language - About.com
The four German cases (Part I) - an overview.: third person pronouns man bites dog german cases indefinite articles definite articles.
The Four German Cases: Accusative - Akkusativ - German Language
The four German noun cases - the accusative case.: masculine pronoun grammar point object accusative masculine article verb examples.
The Four German Cases: Genitive - Wesfall - German Language
The four German cases - the genitive case.: plural nouns genitive case german cases definite articles indefinite article.
German Grammar: The Four Cases
Grammar - the four German cases.: german adjective endings preposition quiz grammar dictionary dative prepositions noun cases.
The Four German Cases: The Nominative - Werfall
The four German cases - the nominative case.: german nouns masculine nouns personal pronouns gender words german dictionary.
The Four German Cases: Summary Part 2 - German Language
The four German noun cases (Part I) - an overview.
The Four Cases: The Dative - German Language - About.com
The four German noun cases - the dative case.: object accusative dative case vital element indirect object german cases.
The Four German Cases: Genitive Prepositions - German Language
A few German prepositions are governed by the genitive case. ... There are only a few common genitive prepositions* in German, including: (an)statt (instead of),  ...
German Cases Chart with Printable Version - German Language
German Cases Chart with pdf printable version. ... The four German grammatical cases for indefinite articles are summed up in the chart below. Pdf Printable ...
German Cases chart with printable version. (pdf) - German Language
Nominativ, Akkusativ, Dativ, Genitiv. Masculine, der, den, dem, die. Feminine, die, die, der, der. Neuter, das, das, dem, des. Mehrzahl, die, die, den, der ...
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