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The 20 Most-Asked Shotgun Questions Answered by an Expert
Are Magnum Loads Faster Than Standard Field Loads? ... Remington's standard Game Load delivers 1/4 ounce less shot but is rated at a quicker 1330 fps.
Best Pheasant Guns and Loads - Page One - Hunting - About.com
A mature cock pheasant is a tough cookie, one that, pound for pound, takes a lot more to kill than all other North American game birds with the exception of the ...
Tips to Improve "The Sims" Load Time - About Sim Games
Tips on things you can do to make your The Sims game load faster when you first start the game.
How to Load and Save Game Settings in the Corona SDK (LUA)
The Corona SDK makes it easy to save and load settings from a database file. This tutorial takes you through the steps of creating the database table, saving the ...
Ruger's .30 Carbine Blackhawk Revolver Is a Winning Tool - Hunting
Ballistically, the .30 Carbine round is in the same class as the .32-20 WCF and is appropriate solely as a small-game and varmint load. Its trajectory profile limits ...
The Best Rifle Cartridge of the 20th Century 1900s
It is just powerful enough to handle game too nasty for smaller cartridges, yet it is .... 20 years not a single American ammo manufacturer has chosen to load it.
Loading and Displaying Images in Gosu - Ruby - About.com
To oversimplify a rather complex topic, a game is a program that loads images and displays them at the screen. So vital to game programming, loading and ...
Can You Delete Game Center App from iPhone? - iPhone/iPod
Not everyone wants Game Center taking up space on their iPhone. But can you delete it? ... Apple doesn't allow users to delete the apps it pre-loads on the iOS.
Load 'em Up! - Hunting - About.com
Ammunition Loading Overview - Benefits of Handloading ... Different hunting conditions and/or game likewise call for different loads, and handloading allows ...
Proof Load, or Blue Pill (noun) - Hunting - About.com
Proof loads are rounds of ammunition loaded to produce higher-than-normal pressure in a given firearm ... 8 Best Lever Action Big Game Rifles for Hunting Deer.
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