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Articles related to fresh strawberries

The Best Ways to Store Strawberries - Local Foods - About.com
Stored this way, very fresh strawberries will keep for several days. The closer you can create this dry (the paper towels soaks up excess moisture) and ...
Strawberries Information and Strawberry Recipes - Local Foods
Fresh, ripe, fragrant, sweet, bursting-with-flavor strawberries are a fairly decent reason, all on their own, for heading to a local farmers market. Whether you hunt  ...
Step-By-Step Guide to Hulling Strawberries - Local Foods - About.com
No matter how you're eating them, you want to start with fresh, ripe berries. Try to taste berries before you buy them, since strawberries can look gorgeous, red, ...
How to Use Fresh Hulled Strawberries - Local Foods - About.com
See how to use hulled strawberries as is or in a variety of baked goods and salads.
How to Buy, Store, and Use Strawberries - Local Foods - About.com
Learn all about strawberries - the first fruit of spring (which lasts into summer)- ... dry, firm, shiny, plump berries that still have fresh-looking green caps attached.
Macerated Strawberries Recipe - Fresh Strawberry Sauce
This macerated strawberries recipe features a special blend of strawberries, sugar, and lemon. Fresh strawberry sauce recipe.
Fresh Strawberries with Yogurt Dessert Recipe - Moroccan Food
When fresh strawberries are in season, try serving them mixed with yogurt for an easy, refreshing dessert.
Fresh Strawberry Cake Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
Here's a strawberry cake with delicious strawberry cream cheese frosting. A flavorful 1-layer strawberry cake for spring or summer.
Calories in Whole Foods Market - Strawberries Fresh - Calorie Count
Curious about how many calories are in Strawberries Fresh? Get nutrition information and sign up for a free online diet program at CalorieCount.
Tips on When and How to Wash Strawberries
Should you wash strawberries? What's the best way to wash them? Get answers about washing strawberries here.
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