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Barbecue Leftovers - Uses, Recipes and Ideas
Piles of barbecue can leave you with piles of leftovers. Don't dry out your hard ... This will allow you to freeze the leftovers and keep them for several months.
Lovin' the Leftovers: Give Your Thanksgiving Dinner New Life
... for using other items in the Thanksgiving meal to enjoy the next day or to freeze and have at another time. Guidelines for the safety of leftovers are also given.
Cooked and Leftover Ham Recipes - Southern Food - About.com
If you're cooking a large ham, you'll probably have leftovers. You may freeze leftover ham for up to 6 months, but for best quality, the NFSD recommends 2 ...
Turkey Safety - Handling Cooked Dinners
Refrigerate or freeze leftovers promptly in shallow containers. It is safe to freeze leftover turkey and trimmings -- even if you purchased them frozen. Wrap tightly ...
Freezing Leftover Bread for Homemade Crumbs - Bread Baking
Learn how to freeze leftover bread for later use when making crumbs.
Meatloaf Storage and Freezing - Home Cooking - About.com
Save time by making meatloaf ahead or freeze leftovers. Learn how to store meatloaf.
What To Do With Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey - Southern Food
Try some of these recipes for your Thanksgiving leftovers - turkey soups, ... Freeze cooked, boned turkey in portions by wrapping in meal-size portions in ...
Beef Brisket Storage and Freezing - Home Cooking - About.com
Brisket Storage and Freezing. Fresh brisket will be fine in the coldest part (35 to 40 degrees F.) your refrigerator for up to five days before cooking, and up to ...
How to Freeze a Ham Bone - Frugal Living - About.com
When your holiday ham is gone, freeze the ham bone, and use it to make soup later. Here's how. ... Related Articles. How Long is Leftover Ham Good For?
How to Freeze Buttermilk - Frugal Living - About.com
Tired of buying buttermilk for a recipe only to have the rest of the carton go bad before you figure out what to do with it? Freeze your leftovers, and they'll be there  ...
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