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Using the 'Split' Method in Ruby - About.com
This would be done, for example, if you have a string like"foo, bar, baz" and you want the three strings "foo", "bar", and "baz". The split method of the String class ...
String Substitution in Ruby - About.com
For instance, in an example string "foo,bar,baz", replacing "foo" with "boo" in "foo, bar,baz" would yield "boo,bar,baz". You can do this and many more things ...
perlbot - Linux Command - Unix Command
package Bar; @ISA = qw( Buz ); sub google { print "google here\n" }. package Baz; sub mumble { print "mumbling\n" }. package Foo; @ISA = qw( Bar Baz );.
Introduction to Arrays - Ruby - About.com
Using the %w{ foo bar baz } syntax, you can create an array of strings very easily. Anything inside the braces (actually, most any character can be used there, but ...
perlmod - Linux Command - Unix Command
(But be aware that this means you can't have a separate @foo and @bar, etc.) What makes all of this ... This prints. You gave me main::foo You gave me bar:: baz.
Zero or More: * and *? - Ruby - About.com
text = "! foo ! bar ! baz !" # The greedy version will match the # whole <a href="/od/ glossary/g/string.htm">string</a> and produce "X" puts text.sub( /!.*!/, "X" )
file - Linux Command - Unix Command
file split /foo/~bar/baz. returns / foo ./~bar baz to ensure that later commands that use the third component do not attempt to perform tilde substitution. file stat ...
Lookahead and Back-references - Ruby - About.com
The lookahead peeks forward to make sure the second word begins with bar ... usr/bin/env ruby strings = [ "bar:baz", "han:luke", "foo:foo" ] # Only foo:foo will ...
Endless Strings? The Beginning of the End - Ruby - About.com
usr/bin/env ruby text1 = "(foo)" text2 = "foo (bar) baz" puts text1.sub( /\(\w+\)/, "X" ) puts text2.sub( /\(\w+\)/, "X" ) puts text1.sub( /^\(\w+\)$/, "X" ) puts text2.sub( ...
perltrap - Linux Command - Unix Command
perl4 prints: a is foo bar, b is baz # perl5 errors: Bareword found where operator expected; * Discontinuance: The archaic while/if BLOCK BLOCK syntax is no ...
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