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Articles related to floating point numbers

Floating Point Numbers PHP - PHP/MySQL - About.com
A Floating Point Number is a way to represent a precise number on a computer system. The "floating point" refers to the decimal point. Other than this it is very ...
Working with Floating Point Numbers - C/C++/C - About.com
Precision is how many digits are valid in a number. This includes digits before and after the decimal point. So a float value of 19005.6789 with 9 digits gets ...
Floating Point and JavaScript - About.com
The first step in being able to handle that JavaScript doesn't produce the exact answers to calculations that we expect when we use floating point numbers is to  ...
Primitive Data Types in Java Programming - About.com
Floating Point Numbers: any number that has a fractional part. Characters: a ... Integers hold number values that cannot have a fractional part. There are four ...
Definition for the Java Term: Float - About.com
The float data type in Java can be used to store floating point numbers.
VB.NET Decimal Data Type Explanation - Visual Basic - About.com
Single and Double data types are floating point. The difference is that floating point numbers are stored as "binary fractions". This means that a value has to be  ...
expr - Linux Command - Unix Command
If an operand does not have one of the integer formats given above, then it is treated as a floating-point number if that is possible. Floating-point numbers may be ...
All about Precision in Floats - C/C++/C - About.com
The number has 10 digits but is being stored in a float variable with only six digits ... Now move the decimal point two to the left so the value is 5.678976523 and ...
How do I round a float down if it's close to a whole number?
Is there a nice way to get the floating-point value of a number if it's floating-point, but the integer value if it's just X.0?
Float in C/C++/C# - Definition and Example - About.com
Definition: Float is short for floating point and is a fundamental (i.e. built into the compiler) type used to define numbers with fractional parts. The float type can ...
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