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Jesus Curses the Fig Tree (Mark 11:12-14) - Agnosticism / Atheism
One of the more infamous passages in the gospels involves Jesus' cursing of a fig tree for not having any fruit for him despite the fact that it wasn't even the ...
Jesus' Lesson of the Withered Fig Tree (Mark 11:20-26)
Jesus explains the power and importance of faith - it is faith in God that gave him the power to curse the fig tree and make it wither overnight and similar faith on ...
Growing and Maintaining Your Fig (Ficus Carica)
Fig is the oldest fruit to be cultivated in ancient Jordan. The spreading tree is easily propagated by cuttings, grows a delicious and abundant fruit throughout the ...
Fig Trees - Early Domestication of Fig Trees - About Archaeology
The fig tree, long a symbol of Western culture, may also be one of the earliest domesticated plants in the world. In an article in the June 2, 2006 issue of Science ...
Ficus lyrata—Growing Fiddle-Leaf Fig Indoors - Houseplants
Tips on how to grow Ficus lyrata, or fiddle-leaf fig, indoors, including advice on ... (the trees commonly reach heights of 40 feet or more in their native habitat).
Ficus benjamina—Growing Weeping Fig Indoors - Houseplants
They make beautiful corner plants and large indoor "trees" for entryways and ... Known as the weeping fig, the F. benjamina is native to India and Southeast Asia  ...
What Was Nathanael Doing Under the Fig Tree? - Christianity
Aug 21, 2012 ... Jesus got his attention when he answered, "I saw you while you were still under the fig tree before Philip called you." Well, that stopped ...
Nine Species of Fig Trees - Trees & Shrubs - About.com
Fig trees, shrubs and lianas are found in the genus Ficus, which is a part of the fig or mulberry family (Moraceae). Most of them are found in the tropical regions ...
Strangler Fig - South Florida's Strange Hammock Tree - Forestry
Strangler fig is a fascinating tree and an American tropical native in south Florida. The strangler fig produces a continuous food crop but kills the host.
Figs (Ficus) - Biology - About.com
Definition: Figs are all plants of the genus Ficus, in the family Moraceae (Mulberry ). Ficus plants are numerous containing approximately 750 species of fig trees ...
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