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When Is a Fever Too High? - Cold and Flu - About.com
Jul 5, 2011 ... Fortunately, you almost never need to rush to the hospital due to a fever alone. Although fevers can be scary and make us feel pretty miserable, ...
When to See a Doctor For Your Fever - Cold and Flu - About.com
May 21, 2014 ... If you are concerned about a fever, find out at what point you need to see ... to send you to the hospital in most cases, there are several things to ...
Treating Baby and Infant Fever - Pediatric Care
May 27, 2014 ... It wasn't too long ago when all children under three months of age with a fever were actually admitted to the hospital after their septic work-up ...
When You Should Go To The Hospital With the Flu - Cold and Flu
Feb 15, 2013 ... Find out when you should go to the hospital with flu symptoms and when you ... Fever (over 100.3) and is under 3 months old; Unable to Eat ...
Don't Panic - Your Child has Fever - Pediatrics - About.com
May 16, 2014 ... Learn why you shouldn't panic when your child has a fever though and ... Hospital in Denver, "The great concern of parents about fever is not ...
When to Go to the Doctor for a Fever - Cold and Flu - About.com
When do you need to see a doctor for your fever? If you or your child has a fever, you need to know when to call or go to the doctor.
Pneumonia Story - Share Your Pneumonia Story - Cold and Flu
Jan 31, 2011 ... After 6 days of being sick with on-again/off-again fever I went to the ER. ... It took a week in the hospital and now I'm home on oxygen, waiting ...
Surgery News: Sepsis, an Infection of the Blood, Can Kill the Young ...
Jan 29, 2009 ... My friend got sick all of a sudden with sepis been in the hospital for the ... Luckily for myself I was still at the hospital when the fever started and ...
When to Take Your Child to the Doctor - Cold and Flu - About.com
Mar 6, 2009 ... High or persistent fever; Any breathing problems, such as fast, labored or noisy breathing from the chest; Persistent pain such as an earache, ...
Caregiving for a Loved One During the Dying Process - Death & Dying
You may notice that your loved one has a fever and is sweating profusely or ... Dress your loved one in a cotton t-shirt or night gown, or use a hospital gown if ...
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