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What Is a Feature Phone? - Glossary Definition - Mobile Devices
Feature phones are basically low-end mobile phones. The difference is that they have more computing abilities than “dumb phones”, though are lesser ...
Creating Apps for Different Mobile Systems
Since there are many new feature phones coming in everyday, it is better for the developer to test the app only on a select group of phones and then gradually ...
Features to Look for When Choosing a New Android Phone
Android phones are becoming more popular every day, but not all Android phones are the same. Here are the key features to consider when you're shopping for ...
What is a Cell Phone? - Cell Phones, Coverage and Networks
Often, when talking about mobile phones, cell phone is used to describe a simple feature phone, whilst smartphone is used to describe more advanced touch ...
IP Phone Features - VoIP Phones - Voice Over IP - About.com
This screen is important for many things, including features like Caller ID . Some advanced IP phones even have color LCD screens that allow you to carry out ...
What is a Smartphone? - Smartphones - About.com
Cell phones, meanwhile, gained messaging capabilities, too. PDAs then added cellular phone features, while cell phones added more PDA-like (and even ...
Cheap Sprint Phones - Smartphones - About.com
These budget phones have most of what you'll need and some even pack a standout feature. All cell phones on this list are priced at $50 or less with a two- year ...
What is Java ME - Mobile Devices - About.com
Java ME, short for Java Platform, Micro Edition, is a Java platform, used for embedded systems. Mobile phones, especially feature phones, most use this platform ...
What Is TFT-LCD? - Smartphones - About.com
TFT-LCDs also consume more power than other types of cell phone displays. In general, TFT-LCDs are found on more low-end smartphones or feature phones, ...
Galaxy Phones: Galaxy Android Series Smartphones | Samsung
Experience the premium entertainment and innovative features that make Galaxy mobile devices truly brilliant. Available through every major US carrier.
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