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Articles related to fear of needles

Overcoming the Fear of Needles - Trypanophobia
Jun 4, 2014 ... Trypanophobia, or fear of needles, affects an estimated 10% of Americans. Yet it was only recognized as a specific phobia by the DSM ...
Needle Phobia: No Ordinary Fear of Needles - Thyroid Disease
Geri Rybacki is the Executive Director of the Coalition for Better Thyroid Care. Geri is sharing her findings about needle phobia in this Q&A.
How do I Overcome my Fear of Needles? - Tattoos / Body Piercings
Answer: As one with a long history of needle-phobia, I totally understand where you are coming from. But I have 4 tattoos right now, and that proves this fear ...
Fear of Needles – Helping Your Child Overcome Fear of Needles
Fear of needles would be a concern to any parent of a child with type 1 diabetes. You know that blood sugar checks and insulin shots are not negotiable.
Needle Phobia Stories - Share Your Needle Phobia Success Stories
Sep 3, 2010 ... The fear of needles can have long-lasting detrimental effects, causing you to skip needed vaccines and medical tests. A severe phobia can ...
Needlephobia - The Fear of Needles or Treatment Involving Needles
Needlephobia is the fear of needles or treatment involving needles. For some, this fear can turn into avoidance of needed treatment. This issue gains in ...
Fear of Needles - Coping With Fear of Needles - Type 1 Diabetes
Apr 11, 2011 ... Needle phobia is more common than you might think for people with type 1 diabetes. This is an especially difficult problem for children with type ...
Fear of Needles - Devices to Help Those Who Fear Needles
Mar 11, 2009 ... Fear of needles for children with type 1 diabetes is serious business. But there are devices specifically designed to help children and teens who ...
Fear of Dentists or Dentophobia - Different Types
Jun 18, 2014 ... It is sometimes related to iatrophobia, or fear of doctors, as well as trypanophobia , or fear of needles. Dentophobia may be mild or severe, and ...
Reader Stories: How I Learned How to Self-Inject - Multiple Sclerosis
Feb 15, 2011 ... It turns out that the fear of needles has a name - trypanophobia - and that about 10% of American adults are affected by it. Unfortunately, that ...
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