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Voluntary Certification - The American Tree Farm System - Forestry
The American Tree Farm System. By Bob Simpson National Director The American Tree Farm System. Edited by Steve Nix, About Forestry Guide. Part Two ...
Voluntary Certification - The American Tree Farm System - Forestry
The American Tree Farm System, a leader in the process of forest certification.
Chinampa - Raised Field Agriculture in the Americas
Chinampa system farming (sometimes called floating gardens) is a form of ancient raised field agriculture, used by American communities beginning at least as ...
Organic Farming Definition and Ideals - Organic Business - About.com
In general, most consider organic farming a specific production system which aims to avoid the use of synthetic and harmful pesticides, fertilizers, growth ...
Environmental Benefits of Organic Farming - Organic Business
Rodale Institute Farming Systems Trial is America's longest running, side-by-side comparison of conventional and organic agriculture. The trial, running since ...
Agriculture and the Economy - An Overview - Economics - About.com
From the nation's earliest days, farming has held a crucial place in the American ... found that owning a farm was a ticket into the American economic system.
What Goes in an Organic System Plan? - Organic Business - About ...
Looking for a quick run-down of what's included in every organic system plan? ... This shows that an organic farm or business knows how to maintain quality ...
Biodynamic - Definition of Biodynamic - Organic Business - About.com
So, by philosophy, Biodynamic farmers attempt to create a farm and farming system that is as self-regulating as possible and that supports biodiversity so that  ...
Record Keeping Tips for an Organic Farming Business - Organic ...
Record keeping on the organic farm can seem overwhelming, so make sure you keep records as you go and have a good file system in place.
Ancient Farming - Innovations and Inventions - About Archaeology
An agricultural "field system" is a term that refers to the suite of innovations used by prehistoric and historic farmers to improve crop success and reduce the ...
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