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Articles related to external dependencies

An Overview of Territories of the World - Geography - About.com
Territories, Colonies, and Dependencies of Independent Countries ... is not a state and effectively a territory, it is not an external territory and thus not counted as ...
Planning for Dependencies in Management Projects
Project Managers must be able to plan for and manage the dependencies among tasks in their projects. The more complex a project is the more dependencies ...
dlopen - Linux Command - Unix Command
External references in the library are resolved using the libraries in that library's dependency list and any other libraries previously opened with the ...
Check Links with Dreamweaver - Web Design/HTML - About.com
You can use Dreamweaver to check the pages on your Web site for broken links, external links, and orphan pages.
FreeSpace Source Code Project - Home / News
... of installing any number of mods, total conversions, and engine builds, as well as verifying dependencies across these various releases. .... External Links.
A Quick Introduction to DataMapper - Ruby - About.com
The most important of these is dm-core, the core of the DataMapper library. This is a pure-Ruby gem with no external dependencies, so installing this is the same  ...
The Linux Loadable Kernel Module How-To - 5.5. /proc/modules
... to addresses within module parport (via external symbols that parport exports). So lp and parport_pc are "dependent" on (and are "dependencies of") parport .
perlbug - Linux Command - Unix Command
A good test case has most of these attributes: fewest possible number of lines; few dependencies on external commands, modules, or libraries; runs on most ...
Making Digraphs in Ruby - About.com
But there's an external dependency, Graphviz itself. Why did we install the graph gem first? The graph gem comes with various "port" files for installing Graphviz ...
Install Red Hat Linux - Upgrading Your Current System - About.com
If any package requires another package which you have not selected to install, the program presents a list of these unresolved dependencies and gives you the  ...
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