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Articles related to exec system

Perl array exec() and system() function - Quick Tutorial - About Perl
Both Perl's exec() function and system() function execute a system shell command. The big difference is that system() creates a fork process and waits to see if ...
The 'exec' Method - Ruby - About.com
There are several ways to run other programs in Ruby. There is the system> method, backticks, etc. However, they all spawn new processes. If there is nothing ...
exec - Linux Command - Unix Command - About.com
Linux / Unix Command Library: exec. ... exec - Invoke subprocess(es) .... to the mount point called system on the machine called windows (and the c:/ is ignored) , ...
mount - Linux Command - Unix Command
The mount command serves to attach the file system found on some device to the .... overridden by subsequent options, as in the option line user,exec,dev,suid).
Linux System Administrator's Guide - Logins via terminals
Linux System Administrators Guide: ... (using the fork system call) ; getty and login only replace the program running in the process (using the exec system call ).
exec - Linux Command - Unix Command - About.com
The -f option means to load the new builtin command name from shared object filename, on systems that support dynamic loading. The -d option will delete a ...
rpm - Linux Command - Unix Command
--ignoresize: Don't check mount file systems for sufficient disk space before ..... rpm exec --bp rpmb -bp rpm exec --bc rpmb -bc rpm exec --bi rpmb -bi rpm exec ...
pivot_root - Linux Command - Unix Command
pivot_root moves the root file system of the current process to the directory ... Note that exec chroot changes the running executable, which is necessary if the old ...
perlfaq8 - Linux Command - Unix Command
This section of the Perl FAQ covers questions involving operating system interaction. ..... Just like the list forms of system() and exec(), no shell escapes happen.
execl - Linux Command - Unix Command
The exec family of functions replaces the current process image with a new process image. The functions described in this manual page are front-ends for the ...
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