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Images of Garfield Park, Indianapolis, Indiana - About.com
... gates scrolled with the words "Sunken Garden" mark the entrance to the Sunken Garden and Conservatory areas of Garfield Park. Copyright: Ellie Snyder  ...
Garfield Park Conservatory Images Indianapolis
Tropical Pitcher Plant. The tropical pitcher plant is nature's pitcher, holding water in its base and featuring a "spout" at the top. Copyright: Ellie Snyder ...
Profile of the Castleton Neighborhood in Indianapolis, Indiana
By Christy Pingleton. Profile of Castleton. Castleton Square Mall is the biggest mall in Indiana. Photo Credit: Ellie Snyder. More Images (3). Once a railroad stop,  ...
Katie Kindell Cottage in Indianapolis' Lockerbie Square
Photo Credit: Ellie Snyder. Next, turn left on Lockerbie Street and head west to 517 Lockerbie St. This cottage once served as the home of James Whitcomb ...
Ten Free Things to Do in Indianapolis - About.com
Copyright: Ellie Snyder. Go window shopping. It doesn't cost anything to look. Check out Castleton Square, Indiana's biggest mall, on Indy's northeast side.
Lockerbie Square Home Wins New Construction Award from ...
Photo Credit: Ellie Snyder. The next stop on our tour is 628 E. Vermont St. To get there, continue north on College Avenue to Vermont Street, and turn left (west) ...
George & Netty Holler House, Lockerbie Square - Indianapolis
Photo Credit: Ellie Snyder. Next, we head north on New York Street to 324 N. Park Ave. A typical example of a working-class residence of the period, this home  ...
Joseph W. Staub House in Indianapolis' Lockerbie Square
Photo Credit: Ellie Snyder. Next, continue heading east to College Avenue, and turn left (north) on College. Our next stop is 342 N. College Ave. Another home ...
Herman Lieber Cottage in Indianapolis' Lockerbie Square
Photo Credit: Ellie Snyder. Continue walking west on Vermont Street to Park Avenue and turn right (north) to 407 N. Park Ave. Herman Lieber was a civic leader ...
The Webber House in Indianapolis' Lockerbie Square
The Webber House is a typical working-class residence of the Lockerbie Square neighborhood in the second half of the 19th century. Photo Credit: Ellie Snyder.
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