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Byzantium - the Eastern Roman Empire - Medieval History - About.com
The Eastern Roman Empire, or Byzantium, continued as a cohesive entity after the Western Roman Empire dissolved. Its influence on Europe was at times ...
Eastern Half of the Roman Empire - Ancient / Classical History
This map shows the provinces of the Empire from Noricum and Illyricum eastward , and includes Egypt to the south. Eastern Half of the Roman Empire. East and ...
Medieval Atlas - Maps of Byzantium - The Eastern Roman Empire in ...
An index of maps that depict all or portions of the Eastern Roman Empire during the Middle Ages.
Constantinople - Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire
Constantinople was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. Here's a look at its history, fortifications and geography.
Byzantine Emperor Zeno - Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire
Zeno was emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire when the Western Roman Empire officially ended in 476.
Challenges to the Divided Empire - Ancient / Classical History
An overview of the challenges (and resolutions) the Roman Empire faced during ... Map of the Eastern Roman Empire and the Western Roman Empire in the 4th ...
Byzantine Empire - Ancient / Classical History - About.com
Definition: "The Eastern Roman Empire has only been referred to as 'Byzantine' since the 18th century. The term was coined during the Enlightenment by ...
Byzantine Empire - Ancient / Classical History - About.com
You could say it lasted until A.D. 1453, when the Ottoman Turks conquered the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire. Constantine had set a new capital for the ...
Architecture History - Eastern Roman Empire of Byzantine Istanbul ...
Byzantine architecture is rooted in the Roman Empire, East and West. Learn more about the history, characteristics, and examples.
Byzantine Empress Theodora - Empress Theodora of the Eastern ...
Byzantium (The Eastern Roman Empire) ... actress and caught the eye of the future Emperor Justinian, who raised her to the rank of Patrician and married her.
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