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Articles related to earnings growth

Earnings Growth is Important - Look for Stocks with Consistent ...
Companies that show a consistent growth in earnings make attractive investment candidates for stock investors.
Understanding the PEG - How PEG Is Calculated - Stocks - About.com
PEG ratio provides investors a way to calculate how much future earnings growth is going to cost based on the stock's P/E and projected earnings growth rate.
Growth & Income Funds - Definition, Examples, Strategies
Definition: As the name suggests, the growth and income objective for mutual funds is a combination of two parts -- one part growth and one part income. Growth ...
Earnings Estimates - Stocks - About.com
Any prediction of the future is bound to be wrong some of the time. However, if no analysts are predicting earning growth for a company that should be a caution.
Earnings - Important Indicator of Company Health - Stocks - About.com
Earnings (or growth towards positive earnings) tell you how healthy a company is and if it may pay dividends or grow through capital appreciation (higher stock ...
Using the Price-To-Earnings Ratio to Value a Stock
The price-to-earnings ratio, or p/e ratio as it is often called, was made famous by value ... most investors conjure out of thin air when guessing future growth rates.
The Peg Ratio Is a Key Metric of Fundamental Analysis. - Stocks
Though not as popular as EPS or P/E the Price/Earnings to Growth or PEG ratio can give you a fuller view of a stock's earnings trend going forward.
Earnings-Based Evaluations Popular with Stock Market Investors
Nov 4, 2011 ... Investors buy long term earnings and need a way to evaluate companies based on their future ... Investors Buy Long-Term Growth in Earnings.
Using the PEG Ratio to Find Hidden Stock Gems
The PEG ratio is a modified form of the price to earnings ratio and can help you factor in the underlying growth in a company's earnings per share to determine ...
Interpreting the Price/Earnings Ratio - Economics - About.com
An explanation of what the price/earnings ratio is (the P/E ratio) and why it's ... For companies and sectors in take-off or rapid growth this often turns out to be the ...
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