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Melanoma Staging and Treatment and Prognosis - Skin Cancer
M = metastasis (distant spreading). M is followed by a number corresponding to the extent of metastasis. In addition, the "T" may be followed an "a" signifying no ...
Lung Cancer Spread to the Liver - Symptoms, Prognosis
Lung cancer spread (metastatic) to the liver is sadly too common. Nearly 40% of people with lung cancer have metastases to a distant region of the body at the ...
Metastatic Breast Cancer - How Breast Cancer Spreads
Aug 18, 2008 ... Breast cancer can metastasize, or spread, from your tumor site to ... are diagnosed after the cancer has already progressed to distant areas, ...
The LDH Test for Melanoma and Detection of Metastasis - Skin Cancer
LDH level can be elevated in many conditions, not just metastatic melanoma. ... Furthermore, it only accurately identified distant metastasis in a minority of ...
What is Metastatic Colon Cancer? - About.com
Nov 30, 2013 ... Metastatic colon cancer occurs when the cancer cells leave your colon and travel to local or distant sites. There are many treatment modalities ...
Anaplastic Cancer/Carcinoma of the Thyroid - Thyroid Disease
May 30, 2014 ... In most patients, complete surgical resection is not possible, and almost half the patients seek treatment with distant metastases, with as many ...
What Are the Prostate Cancer Stages? - About.com
MX: The presence of metastases was not or could not be assessed. M0: There is no evidence of distant metastasis. M1: There is evidence of distant metastasis.
Staging Systems of Prostate Cancer - About.com
The “M” describes whether distant metastasis (spread) of the cancer has occurred. M0 means that no distant metastasis has been found and M1 means that it ...
Melanoma Metastasis: Where and Why Melanoma Can Spread?
Melanoma metastasis occurs when a melanoma lesion recurs (returns), gets thicker or spreads from the skin to the lymph nodes or distant organs.
Where Does Lung Cancer Spread - About.com
May 16, 2014 ... What are the most common sites of lung cancer metastases and what ... and white blood cells travel) to distant regions of the body and grow.
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