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Direct Mail's Deadly Sins - Advertising - About.com
How much junk mail do you receive each day? Do you read it? Toss it? Now put yourself in the shoes of your direct mail recipients. Avoid direct mail mistakes or ...
Direct Marketing - About.com
Explore direct marketing such as database marketing, direct mail, mailing list options, and more. These resources will teach you how to be successful in your ...
Direct Mail - Advertising - About.com
Direct mail can be a high profit, low cost advertising medium if enough time is spent on its concept and creation. This library of information will help your direct ...
10 Direct Mail Ideas to Boost Your Response - Entrepreneurs
A lot of direct mail pieces get thrown straight in the trash. Making yours stand out in the right way can help prevent that and improve your response rate. Here are ...
How To Write a Direct Mail Letter - Advertising - About.com
In direct response advertising, a great direct mail pack can work wonders for both the brand, and the bottom line. Truly successful direct mail is targeted, says ...
How to Write Effective Direct Mail Sales Letters
Learn how to write an effective direct mail sales letter that will get a response. By using his formula you will not only keep the attention of your prospect but you ...
Direct Mail - Definition of Direct Mail Marketing - Home Business
The definition of direct mail and a look at direct mail marketing for businesses, from home business expert Randy Duermyer of About.com.
Fundraising - Tips for Writing a Direct Mail Letter
What's the centerpiece of any fundraising campaign? The letter. It might come through the mail or by email, but it is where all fundraising begins. Put yours over  ...
How to Write a Direct Mail Fundraising Letter - Nonprofit - About.com
They vary tremendously, depending on the nature of the charity, the resources that charity has to apply toward direct mail fundraising, and the creativity of the ...
Before You Start a Direct-Mail Fundraising Program - Nonprofit
Before a small or startup nonprofit gets into direct-mail fundraising, it should establish some basic procedures and regular mailings.
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