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Design Patents vs Other Types of Intellectual Property - Inventors
A design patent protects only the ornamental appearance of an invention, not its utilitarian features. A utility patent would protect the way an article is used and ...
How to File for a Design Patent - Inventors - About.com
Unfortunately, there are no premade or online forms available to use for the specification and drawings needed for a design patent. The rest of this tutorial will  ...
Example of a Design Patent - Inventors - About.com
According to USPTO patent law, a design patent is granted to any person who has invented any new and nonobvious ornamental design for an article of ...
Help Getting a Design Patent - Inventors - About.com
A step by step aid to apply for a design patent with examples of design patent applications.
Design Patent - Sample Specifications and Drawing Disclosures
These are examples of specifications and drawing disclosures of real design patents that will help you understand what constitutes a complete disclosure for a  ...
Design Patents - Drawing Views - Inventors - About.com
The drawings or photographs should contain a sufficient number of views to completely disclose the appearance of the claimed design.
35 U.S.C. 102 Patent Laws Design Patent Applications - Inventors
Patent laws that apply to design patent applications 35 U.S.C. 102.
Design Patents - Symbols for Draftsmen - Inventors - About.com
Design Patents - Views For Patent Drawings ... identified in the specification as filed, and do not create confusion with other symbols used in patent drawings.
Design Patents - Shading For Drawings - Inventors - About.com
Two types of shading are commonly employed in design patent application drawings.
Design Patent D436,119 - Inventors - About.com
Plain Text Copy of Design Patent D436,119. United States Patent - Patent No.: US D436,119. Bolle Date of Patent: January 9, 2001. Eyeglasses. Inventors: Bolle ...
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