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Get the Active (Focused) Control Outside of your Delphi application
When a user is working within your application, to grab the (handle of the) active control - the one with the input focus, you can simply use Delphi's.
Generic Solution to Coloring the Focused Data Entry Delphi Control
Generic solution to changing the background color (and other properties) of the focused (selected for input) Delphi control. Learn how to exploit the powers of ...
Focus the First Entry Control in a Container in Delphi Applications
In any decently complex form design you will probably have edit controls (edit boxes, drop down lists, radio buttons, check boxes, etc) contained within a parent  ...
How to Focus a Specific Cell in a DBGrid Delphi Component
Here's a simple trick to set the input focus to a specific cell of a TDBGrid component. Given the DBGrid's active row and field name (or the column index) the cell ...
Drawing a Focus Rectangle Around the Active Control in Delphi ...
By using the OnActiveControlChange event of the Delphi's TScreen class you can change the background color of the active input control. To create event more ...
How to find what control was previously selected - Delphi - About.com
Suppose you have two Edit (Edit1 and Edit2) boxes on a Form (Form1). Suppose you need to know what Edit box had the input focus (was selected) when you ...
Moving the focus to the next Delphi edit control when MaxLength ...
Delphi tip: how to set the focus to the next edit control (in tab order) when MaxLenght characters have been reached. How to handle the TMaskEdit's internal.
Implementing "Contains Focus" for Delphi's Container Controls ...
In complex form designs where you have dozens of controls contained in several containers it is sometimes necessary to find out whether the focused control ...
Focus Next Entry Control On Enter Key Press (vs Tab) - Delphi
Jul 16, 2012 ... in Keyboard Programming :: Pressing the Tab key moves the input focus to next control and Shift-Tab to previous in the tab order of the form.
Redirect Mouse Wheel Message To A Control Under The ... - Delphi
Mouse wheel is used for scrolling. When a scrollable control (TMemo, TListView, TTreeView, ...) has the input focus, moving the wheel will result in vertical ...
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