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Magnetic Declination - True Versus Magnetic North - Geography
Magnetic declination, also called magnetic variation, is defined as the angle between compass north and true north at a point on the Earth. Compass north is the ...
Magnetic Deviation and Magnetic Declination - Maritime - About.com
There are good maps available online from the U.S. National Geophysical Data Center. Magnetic declination maps are often available from government sources  ...
Land Platting: Magnetic Declination & Why it Matters - Genealogy
May 28, 2013 ... Old land surveys are often hard to fit on a modern map due to a phenomenon known as magnetic declination--the difference between true north ...
How to Use the iPhone Compass - Survival - About.com
If you are unsure what to choose, take some time in advance to review the terms true north, magnetic north, and magnetic declination to help you understand ...
German Grammar Terms - D - German Language - About.com
e Beugung, German NOUNS and PRONOUNS are declined to reflect the CASE in which they are being used. Declination is indicated by different endings or ...
Astronomy: Shadow Length, deg north latitude, declination angle
Dec 1, 2005 ... deg north latitude, declination angle, max altitude: Hello, and please note the * correction of notation* (LAT to ALT) note - for my previous reply.
Declension of German Names - German Names Declined
Here are a few simple rules of declination to keep in mind when using names and titles: 1) Declension of Names Without Titles Names are always invariable ...
German Verb Conjugations - werden (to become) - German Language
The verb 'werden' conjugated in all its tenses.: german verbs irregular verbs future tense german verb verb conjugations.
Isolines - Geography
A line representing points of equal magnetic declination. isohaline: A line representing points of equal salinity in the ocean. isohel: A line representing points ...
German Adjective Endings I - Nominative Case - German Language
In grammatical terms, adding endings to words is called "inflection" or " declination." When we put endings on words, we are "inflecting" or "declining" them.
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