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Articles related to decimal places

Excel Format Tutorial - Formatting Numbers
For this tutorial we will add percent signs and currency symbols where needed as well as reducing the number of decimal places for one column of values.
Truncate Numbers in Excel with the TRUNC Function - Spreadsheets
Jan 5, 2012 ... TRUNC Function: Truncate Numbers in Excel. By Ted French. Truncate Values to a set Number of Decimal Places. Truncate Numbers in Excel.
Excel Spreadsheets Glossary of Terms - Decimal Number Definition
Mar 23, 2013 ... Definition: A decimal number is any number that contains a decimal point ( . ) such as 5.123, -40.60, or 1,254.78 ...
Excel ROUND (Rounding Decimals) Function - Spreadsheets
The syntax for the ROUND function is: = ROUND ( Number, Num_digits ). Number - the value to be rounded. Num_digits - the number of decimal places to  ...
Excel TRUNC Function - Spreadsheets
The Excel TRUNC function does not round numbers. It shortens the decimal part of a number to a set number of decimal places. This tutorial includes a step by ...
Rounding Numbers and Decimals in Excel
Rounding numbers and rounding decimals is easy to accomplish in Excel. ... Num_digits = the number of digits or the number of decimal places that the number ...
How to Use Excel Round Function: A Step-By-Step Guide
The ROUND function is used to reduce a number to a specific number of decimal places. This tutorial includes a step by step example of using Excel's ROUND ...
Rounding Numbers in Excel - Spreadsheets - About.com
Jun 29, 2011 ... Unlike formatting options that allow you change the number of decimal places displayed, Excel's rounding functions actual alters the data in ...
Changing How Word Displays Numbers in Mail Merge
If you're using Excel as a data source and having difficulty getting your Word mail merge to display the correct number of decimal places, this tip is for you.
Excel Format Options Step-By-Step Tutorial
In this tutorial we will apply three different number formats to our data: currency, percent formatting, and decreasing the number of decimal places displayed.
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