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Articles related to custodial parent

Custodial Parent Definition - Single Parents
The custodial parent carries a lot of the responsibility for raising a child, even when the non-custodial parent is extremely involved. Learn more about custodial  ...
Non-Custodial Parent - Legal Definition - Single Parents - About.com
The term "non-custodial parent" legally refers to any parent who does not have physical custody. Learn more -- including common myths about non-custodial ...
Custodial Parents - Responsibilities of Custodial Parents
Custodial parents bear much of the responsibility for their children's well-being. Learn what you need to do as a custodial parent to legally fulfill your obligations ...
Legal Tips for Non-Custodial Parents - Single Parents - About.com
It's difficult for a non-custodial parent to navigate custodial or visitation rights after a child custody proceeding. Learn about the rights and responsibilities of ...
Be an Involved Non-custodial Parent - Single Parents - About.com
As a non-custodial parent, you will be as important to your children as you choose to be. It's up to you to make the decision to be an involved non-custodial ...
Child Relocation - Single Parents - About.com
There are many reasons why a custodial parent or primary caretaker would choose to move to a new location, including a new relationship, a better career ...
Child Custody Following the Death of a Parent - Single Parents
The death of a parent is a very difficult time for children. It is especially difficult to determine who will get child custody of a child when a custodial parent dies.
Visitation Rights and Visitation Refusal Facts - Single Parents
What if the non-custodial parent refuses to exercise his or her visitation rights? If a non-custodial parent does not adhere to a court ordered visitation schedule, ...
Different Types of Child Custody Explained - Divorce Support
Unless it is proven that a parent is unfit, there is a trend in the Family Courts to award custody in a manner that will give the non-custodial parent an opportunity  ...
Parent and Child Visitation Rights - Single Parents - About.com
Parents who are denied custody of their children are often entitled to generous visitation rights, unless visitation with the non-custodial parent does not serve the  ...
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