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Articles related to cultural differences

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace Definition
Oct 19, 2014 ... Definition: Cultural diversity is when differences in race, ethnicity, language, nationality, religion, and sexual orientation are represented within ...
Teaching Kids About Race and Cultural Diversity
When it comes to racial and cultural diversity, children are naturally geared toward respecting and appreciating differences. Here are some great ways parents ...
Cultural Differences - Teaching English as a Second Language
Differences between cultures play a very important role in teaching English. This article explores raising awareness to this issue.
How to Achieve Cultural Diversity in the School System
Fostering cultural diversity in a school community is a process. A proactive school leadership sets the tone. Leading by example allows diversity to trickle down ...
Culturally Sensitive HIV Care - Aids/HIV - About.com
Jun 18, 2014 ... To deliver complete HIV care, we must be aware of these cultural differences. Culturally sensitive care targets the entire person not just his or ...
How to Encourage Diversity in the Workplace - Race Relations
Not only can encouraging diversity in the workplace enhance team spirit, it can ... Do you know the cultural and religious holidays that your coworkers observe?
Bible Verses About Cultural Diversity - Christian Teens - About.com
The Bible says a lot about how we need to respect our differences. Here are some important bible verses on cultural diversity and respecting one another.
Facts About Family Culture Clashes - Important things you need to ...
Important things you need to know about cultural differences in families. ... Being from a different culture, even a very rigid or strictly indoctrinated one, does not ...
What Is Cross Cultural Psychology? - About.com
Cultures throughout the world share many similarities, but are marked by considerable differences. For example, while people of all cultures experiences ...
Sunni vs. Shi'ite Islam - Cultural and Religious Differences
The difference between Sunni and Shiite Islam, the origins of the split between the two sects, and demographics about the two sects throughout the Middle East.
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