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Difference Between Commercial and Non-Commercial Radio
In the world of radio, there are two very distinct kinds of stations: commercial radio and non-commercial radio. Knowing the difference between these two types of ...
Commercial Radio Definition - Music Careers - About.com
A commercial radio station must be in constant pursuit of ratings in order to maintain - and increase - the rates they are able to charge their advertisers for airtime ...
Non-Commercial Radio Definition - Music Careers - About.com
Definition: Non-commercial radio is radio stations that do not derive the bulk of their budget from advertising income. The term doesn't strictly mean radio stations ...
Five Things You Should Know About Commercial Radio
The vast world of commercial radio needn't be so elusive, however. ... That being said, don't think you can hit up commercial radio stations the same way you ...
What Are Radio Station Markets - Music Careers - About.com
If you're new to radio, especially commercial radio, then non-rated stations are your best bet for getting plays. In these markets, you'll have less competition from  ...
Commercial AM and FM Radio - About.com
Commercial AM and FM radio stations number in the thousands and still are a main source of entertainment, news, and information for millions of listeners every ...
How Can I Get My Song on The Radio? - Music Careers - About.com
The truth is that radio promotion is ANYTHING but easy. Getting onto radio is incredibly competitive, and when it comes to large commercial radio stations in ...
Will Radio Survive? - How Can Commercial Radio Stay Competitive ...
A friend asked me today if I thought commercial radio would survive in the future. ... Making it worse is the fact that a traditional radio station is confined to a ...
Five Keys to Radio Advertising Success - About.com
... on the market. Find out the five keys to making your radio commercial campaign a success. ... Voice talent can be as simple to find as calling the radio station.
Music Industry 101 Guides: Radio Basics - Music Careers - About.com
Radio stations are always on the hunt for new music their listeners will love, ... Here are five things you should know about commercial radio that will make their  ...
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