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Articles related to class modules

Modules, Structures, and Classes - About Visual Basic
There are just three coding structures for objects that you can use in VB.NET projects: modules, structures, and classes. This article explains the fundamentals of ...
Modules: Containment and Composition - Ruby - About.com
Underneath it all, classes are just collections of methods. Ruby implements them using Module, which also have other uses including composition and ...
Guide to Using Extension Methods in VB.NET - About Visual Basic
A normal class has to be instantiated as an object before the methods in it can ... " Extension methods enable you to create a method in a module decorated with ...
Is the "Require" Method Overlooked in Ruby? - About.com
This serves to import all class and method definitions in the file. ... avoid name clashes, you can enclose everything in your library inside of a module statement.
Mixin Modules - Ruby - About.com
A mixin is a way for code to be shared across multiple classes and is closely related to duck ... They exist in a module, and are not useful until included in a class.
NameError: uninitialized constant Object::Something
Solution: You've most likely referred to a class or module that doesn't exist. Most likely, you've forgotten to require a gem or library needed for the code to work, ...
Attributes in Visual Basic .NET - About Visual Basic
Attributes store information about an assembly, a class, a method and many other ... for assemblies and assembly modules (an assembly module is not a VB.
Modules - Ruby - About.com
A module is just a way to compartmentalize all of your methods, classes, constants, etc into a little section where they can't interfere with anything in another part ...
Data Modules - DB Course/Chapter 18 - Delphi - About.com
How to use the TDataModule class - central location for collecting and encapsulating data access objects, their properties, events and code.
Serialize in Visual Basic - About Visual Basic
If you need to save everything in a class, structure, or collection for use later on, ... data files, the current state of a program module ('state' is like a snapshot of ...
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