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10 Most Popular Brands of Premium Vodka - Cocktails - About.com
What makes Chopin unique? It is a Polish potato vodka named after the famous composer, Frederic Chopin. If you are looking for one of the smoothest vodkas ...
A Virtual Tour of Poland's Chopin Vodka Distillery in Krzesk, Poland
From the village of Krzesk in Siedlce County in central Poland's Mazovia region, comes one of the most iconic of Polish vodkas -- Chopin Potato Vodka.
Vodka Tasting at Chopin Vodka Distillery in Krzesk, Poland
Chopin Potato Vodka is made from Stobrawa Polish potatoes, and distilled four times at the Krzesk distillery, which I visited on my Poland Culinary Vacations ...
How Chopin Vodka Got Its Start - Eastern European Food - About.com
Founded by Tad Dorda in 1992, Chopin Vodka was first introduced in Poland in 1993 with Chopin Potato Vodka introduced to the U.S. market in 1997. This lead  ...
Only Three Ingredients Are Used to Make Chopin Vodkas
There are only three ingredients in Chopin vodkas -- naturally grown Stobrawa potatoes or naturally grown rye or naturally grown wheat, yeast and purified ...
Stobrawa Potatoes Used in Chopin Vodka Have Higher Starch ...
Stobrawa potatoes used in Chopin Potato Vodka production have a higher starch content than regular potatoes.
Chopin Potato Vodka Has Won Many Awards
Chopin Potato Vodka has been submitted to a number of international spirit ratings for evaluation, including the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Wine ...
Regional Stobrawa Potatoes Are Used to Make Chopin Potato Vodka
Stobrawa potatoes, which contain 22% starch compared to regular edible potatoes which contain 12%, are used to make Chopin Potato Vodka. They are grown ...
Tad Dorda Continues to Develop the Chopin Vodka Brand
"While its composition is simple, vodka is far more nuanced than many people realize," says Dorda, who talks about vodka as a winemaker does about wine.
Gluten-Free Vodka List
Aug 4, 2014 ... Chopin vodka. Chopin makes three varieties of vodka: wheat, potato and rye. Obviously, if you react to vodka distilled from gluten grains, you ...
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