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How to Find IM Chat Logs on Your Computer - Instant Messaging
A common feature on most IM clients is an option that records your chat conversations called IM logging. These IM logs, often as simple as a text file, chronicle ...
CHATLOG File - What It Is & How To Open One
Did you find a CHATLOG file on your computer and wonder what program should open it? Maybe someone emailed you a CHATLOG file but you're not sure ...
How to Save Your Google Talk and Chat History in Gmail
In Gmail, instant messaging conversations are messages just like email and can be archived, organized and searched with ease.
How to Log Facebook Chat History - Instant Messaging - About.com
Learn how to log Facebook Chat history with Firefox. ... If you are a Firefox web browser user, the Facebook Chat History Manager is the perfect tool for recording  ...
How to Access Facebook Chat History
... Chat history? From moderate access on your profile to free Facebook Chat log applications, we're exploring all the ways to read your Facebook Chat history.
How to Clear Facebook Chat History - Instant Messaging
Learn how to delete Facebook Chat history from your instant messaging windows with this simple tip.
How to Download Gmail Chat Logs via IMAP - About Email
Want to back up the important Google Talk conversations and chat logs kept in Gmail or look up information from them on your desktop? Here's how to set up ...
Accessing and Reading Google Talk Chat Logs - Instant Messaging
Want to read old Google Talk conversations? Check out the Google Talk chat logs for all your IM chats made on the record.
How to Log Facebook Chat History - Instant Messaging - About.com
Want to record and view your Facebook Chat history? Learn how to log Facebook Chat history with Google Chrome web browser.
How to Chat With Somebody (Or a Group) in Gmail
If a contact is online, you can send them an instant message and chat with them ... Sign Up. You can opt-out at any time. Please refer to our privacy policy for ...
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