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Why Your Charity Should Have a Monthly Giving Program
Monthly or recurring giving could be a bonanza for your charity. Think reliable income and committed donors.
Employee Giving Programs - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs - About.com
Envious of those charities that receive funds from the United Way or corporate employee giving programs? It's no wonder given the fact that these are excellent  ...
Car Donation for Charity - Avoiding Fraud and Scams
Car donations is an area of charity that is rife with fraud and misleading information. ... Ask your favorite charities first...they may have a car donation program.
7 Types of Corporate Giving Programs - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
There are many ways companies spread their charitable dollars. Here are seven of the most common types of corporate giving programs.
Graduate Degree Programs for Nonprofit Professionals
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs Categories ... Nonprofit-focused graduate programs exist at many schools and they are sure to grow as organizations begin to rely on  ...
How to Recruit and Keep Monthly Donors - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
If there is one thing a charity can do to make its fundraising life easier, it is to establish a program of monthly donations. There is almost no downside to monthly ...
Top 20 HIV/AIDS Charities of 2013 - AIDS/HIV - About.com
Aug 5, 2014 ... When it comes to selecting a worthy HIV/AIDS charity, start first by ... To spend at least 75% of their cash budget on bona fide programs.
How Can My Small Charity Get Corporate Sponsorships?
Sponsorship is a two way street between charity and a business. ... These can be logos in the program, significant signage, a corporate table, press releases ...
Charity Running - Marathon and Half-Marathon Training Groups
If you want to train for road races and also raise funds and awareness for good causes, get information about charity running programs.
Employee Matching Gift Programs - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Matching employee charitable giving is fundamental to modern corporate philanthropy. But how do these programs work, and how can your charity benefit ?
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