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Example uses of the Linux shell Command "cd" - About.com
Besides the listing command ls, the "change directory" command "cd" is perhaps the most basic Linux command. It allows you to browse the directory tree.
Change the Directory - Java - About.com
As I said earlier, my file has been saved in a directory called "Java" in My Documents. ... To change the directory in the terminal window, type in the command:
Change the Location of the Opera Mail Storage Directory
You can put your Opera mail on a server or a different disk, or just in a different directory.
Changing the Location Where Files Are Saved - Word Processing
By default Word saves your files in the My Documents folder on your hard drive. While it is easy enough to change this in the Save dialog box, if you always want  ...
12 essential Linux commands for newbies - About.com
If you want to change the current working directory you would use the command cd. For example cd correspondence would set the current working directory to.
Working with Directories - Ruby - About.com
Among these methods are small utility method such as Dir.pwd to get the current working directory and Dir.chdir to change the current working directory.
Kubuntu Desktop Guide - Common Commands - Linux - About.com
The mkdir (MaKeDIRectory) command will create a directory. ... The cd (Change Directory) command will change from your current directory to any directory you ...
Change the default directory Delphi uses to save projects - About.com
Select the Shortcut icon that you use to start up Delphi. Right click on the icon and select Properties. Where it says Start in: replace the string in that field with the ...
Basic Linux Operations FAQ - About.com
The mounting adds all the directories and files from your CD to your Linux directory ... You have to change the directory to somewhere else in order to be able to ...
Using the Command Line - Ruby - About.com
The first command to learn is the cd command, which will be used to get to the directory where you keep your Ruby files. The command below will change ...
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