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Articles related to case statements

How to Write a Case Statement for Fundraising
Every fundraising campaign has the Case Statement at its center. It is the core document that sits at the center of your plan and strategy.
The CASE Statement - JavaScript - About.com
The Javascript case statement. How to code and use it.
Case Statement - What Is a Case Statement?
A Case Statement is at the heart of your fundraising strategy.
The Case Statement in Ruby - About.com
The case statement is a control structure that is usually quite limited in other programming langauges. However, it's quite powerful and flexible in Ruby.
Classifying Results with SQL CASE Statements
SQL includes a CASE statement that allows you to return varying results based upon the evaluation of expressions. You can use a CASE statement anywhere ...
Ruby Tricks: Expressive Case Statements - About.com
Case statements in Ruby are already kind of a big shortcut to complicated if/elsif statements and there are a lot of tricks you can already do without stepping ...
Understanding Decisions in Delphi Programming - About.com
Although, we can use the if statement for very complex (nested) condition testing, the case statement is usually easier to read (debug!) and the code runs more ...
The Case Equality Operator - Ruby - About.com
The case equality operator is key to understanding how case statements really work, and is overall a useful operator when you want to make "fuzzy comparisons  ...
JavaScript Decision Making - If Statements and Switch/Case ...
JavaScript has two ways it can make decisions on what code to run. The more commonly used way is to use if statements but switch statements also have their  ...
JavaScript SWITCH Statement - About.com
This alternative construct is usually called a case statement because almost every programming language that provides it uses the word "case" to define the ...
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