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The Countries of the Caribbean Region - Geography - About.com
Refer to this list to learn which countries make up the Caribbean, their area and a few other facts from Geography at About.com.
Countries of Central America and the Caribbean - Geography
Jul 24, 2011 ... Refer to this list to learn about the countries of Central America and the Caribbean. Learn about these 20 countries based on their area from ...
Geography and Overview of the Caribbean Nation of Haiti
It is a small country located in the Caribbean Sea between Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Haiti has years of political and economic instability however and it ...
Countries of the Caribbean - Geography - About.com
The countries of the Caribbean.: saint vincent and the grenadines grenadines trinidad saint kitts and nevis caribbean countries trinidad and tobago.
Barbados - Information about the Caribbean Country of Barbados
Geography of Barbados: Read this article to learn information about the Caribbean country of Barbados. Learn information about the history, government,  ...
CARICOM, the Caribbean Community Organization - Geography
Many countries located in the Caribbean Sea are members of the Caribbean Community, or CARICOM, an organization founded in 1973 to make these several ...
Caribbean Murder Rates - Caribbean Crime Statistics
For example, a single murder in Montserrat in 2012 inflated that nation's homicide rate to 19.7 per 100,000 population. Which Caribbean Islands are the Safest, ...
17 Small Countries of Less Than 200 Square Miles - Geography
Saint Kitts and Nevis - 104 square miles - This Caribbean country of 39,000 gained independence in 1983. Nevis is the smaller island of the two and is ...
Saint Lucia - Information about the Caribbean Nation of Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia is an island nation located in the Caribbean Sea. The island is along the Caribbean's margin with the Atlantic Ocean and it is also a part of the ...
The Bahamas - Learn about the Caribbean Island Nation - Geography
Learn Information about the Caribbean Nation of the Bahamas ... The country consists of 29 main islands, 661 cays (small, sandy islands above coral reefs) and ...
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