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Articles related to california desert protection

Mojave National Preserve - National & State Parks - About.com
Description: The preserve protects the fragile habitat of the desert tortoise, ... History: Established on October 31, 1994, by the California Desert Protection Act.
Profile of Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California - Liberal Politics
Dianne Feinstein of California ... Ban of 1994, which prohibited the manufacture and sale of 19 types of assault firearms, and the California Desert Protection Act,  ...
Protecting Frost Sensitive Trees & Plants in Phoenix - About.com
It sometimes surprises people that it gets cold enough in our Phoenix desert to freeze. Nighttime temperatures that get down to freezing and below will damage  ...
The Taklamakan Desert - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The Taklamakan Desert is an important desert for Silk Road and Chinese history.
How to Protect Yourself From Desert Heat in Reno/Tahoe
Reno / Tahoe has hot summers and a high elevation, creating health concerns for people sensitive to high temperatures and exposure to UV radiation from the ...
Boonie Hats Protect Soldiers From The Hot Desert Sun In Places ...
An article about Boonie Hats and their use by U.S. soldiers in places such as Iraq and Afghainstan.
Desert Garden Calendar and Phoenix Garden To-Do List for January
ThA handy checklist for your Phoenix desert garden for the month of January. Maintain healthy grass, flowers, vegetables, trees, and bushes.
Dogs and Hot Weather - Dogs and Desert Heat - Phoenix - About.com
Many people have questions about how their dogs will fare in the heat of the Phoenix desert. Most dogs will be fine if you follow these tips.
Desert Garden Calendar and Phoenix Garden To-Do List for February
A handy checklist for your Phoenix desert garden for the month of February. Maintain ... If you set out transplants before mid-February protect them from the cold.
Protect Smartphones from High Temperatures in Phoenix - About.com
Here is how you can protect your phone from overheating in the summer heat. ... Extreme temperatures during summer in the desert require that you take special ...
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