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Caddisflies - Habits and Traits of Caddisflies, Order Trichoptera
Along with mayflies and stoneflies, caddisflies can be important bioindicators of water quality. Their larvae build cases from sand, pebbles, twigs, or other ...
Types of Flies for Fly Fishing - About.com
There are a lot of different types of flies for fly fishing. Mayflies, caddis flies, flat- winged flies, stoneflies and damselflies are just a few. In the fly fishing community , ...
Winged Wet Flies - Fly Fishing - About.com
Fished close to the surface, or even in the surface film itself, winged wets are thought to suggest aquatic insects like mayflies and caddis flies struggling out of  ...
Early Spring Fly Fishing - About.com
In a few weeks, mayflies, stoneflies and caddis flies will be active, swimming, darting or drifting in the stream as they prepare to “hatch” into winged adults at the ...
Best Float Tubes: Caddis Nevada Gold Float Tube ... - Fly Fishing
Best float tube review: Breaking down my favorite float tube, the Caddis Nevada Gold Float Tube.
Best Flies to Catch Different Types of Trout - Fly Fishing - About.com
If a hatch is coming off and flies are rising, try a dry like an elk-hair caddis … or better yet, try a dry fly up top (as an indicator) and a nymph below as the dropper.
Streamer Flies for Bigger Fish - Fly Fishing - About.com
That's why we fish streamers – flies designed specifically to imitate baitfish. ... There simply aren't enough calories in mayflies or caddis flies to make it worth the ...
Top 10 Flies for Fly Fishing - Best Dry Flies & Nymphs
Hands down my personal favorite in terms of a flexible dry fly that can be used just about anywhere, the elk hair is a simple imitation of the adult caddis fly that ...
Water Quality Monitoring Using Aquatic Macroinvertebrates - Insects
... riffle beetles (adults); caddisflies (larvae); stoneflies (nymphs); water pennies ... black flies (larvae); midge flies (larvae); lunged snails; aquatic worms; leeches ...
Five Truths About Montana's Salmonfly Hatch - Fly Fishing - About.com
The largest trout in the river, the lunkers ranging from 23-30+ inches don't waste their time eating dainty little mayflies and caddis flies. Really large trout focus on  ...
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