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Write in HTML With These Basic Tags - Bold, Italic, and Links
Bold, italic, links -- you can do a whole lot of online writing with these three simple HTML tags.
Headings, Bold, and Italic - Creating Design Sections - Web Design
Learn how to organize your text and create useful divisions of your web pages using HTML heading, italics, and bold tags.
Typography Tutorials - Type Styles | Using Bold and Italic Fonts ...
How to use various styles of type including bold, italics, bold italic, underlining, superscript, and other options.
How to Format HTML Text - Bold - Italics - Headings Video
If you want to create headings or add emphasis by using bold or italicized text, then these simple HTLM tags will do the trick. Learn how to format text in HTML.
What Is an Emphasis Tag? - Web Design - About.com
Answer: If you learned HTML before you learned XHTML, you probably know about the bold and italics tags. But these tags are not semantic elements because ...
"Faking" Bold & Italics When a Font Doesn't Have Them
Photoshop only gives you bold and italics options when the typeface includes these styles. You will have to simulate bold and italic formatting styles when these ...
10 Steps to a Killer Resume - Job Searching - About.com
... your résumé will be almost impossible to read because most online systems cannot support the type of formatting used in a résumé (bold, italics, bullet points,  ...
Type Families - Using Type Families in Graphic Design
The different options available within a typeface, such as roman, bold and italic, make up a type family.
What Does It Mean to Nest HTML Tags? - Web Design - About.com
If you have a block of text that you want bold, italic, and inside a paragraph, you'll ... Since you want the whole sentence to be bold, you would make that tag your ...
How to Use Italics in Plain Text Email Messages - About.com
Italics are the preferred way of highlighting text in many respects. Italicized text is not as literally outstanding as bold-face text, but this is at the same time its ...
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