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Articles related to beam direction

Boating Terms for Location, Position and Direction - Powerboating
Learn these common boat terms used for location, position and direction aboard a ... side of the boat is the starboard beam; the left center side is the port beam.
UFO Interacts with Laser Beam in California - UFOs and Aliens
I then notice that whenever the beam would be in front of its direction it will quickly move away from it as if it was scared of crossing it, as weird as it sounds.
World Wide Words: By and large
Mar 6, 2004 ... ... it was said to be on the beam (the beam being the side of the ship at its ... If the helmsman by mistake turned the ship closer to the direction of ...
Yamaha YSP-2200 Digital Sound Projection System Review
With 16 individual speakers (referred to as beam drivers) housed in a single, central ... beam direction to create the desired surround sound listening experience.
Balance Beam Skills: Switch Leap - Gymnastics - About.com
Ten common balance beam skills or moves you'll see gymnasts do in the ... half turn rotation of the hips and ends in a split, facing the opposite direction.
UFO Shoots Laser Beam in Tennessee - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
Black disc UFO shoots beam to ground in Tennessee. ... They followed the exact same direction I saw the craft travel. Now, I have witnessed strange lights I ...
Balance Beam Skills: Front Aerial - Gymnastics - About.com
A front aerial looks similar to a layout step-out, it just moves in the opposite direction. The gymnast pushes off of one leg while kicking the other one behind her, ...
Bad Bedroom Feng Shui: Beams, Ceiling Fan, Etc.
If you have a heavy beam above your bed, no matter if it is right above you when you sleep, above your partner or in between the two of you - this is bad feng ...
Could a Gamma-ray Burst Destroy Life on Earth?
Our Sun radiates energy in every direction (this is called isotropic radiating), ... the object is formed, specifically how its magnetic field twists material into beams.
Points of Sail off Wind - Sailing - About.com
Point of sail” refers to the angle of the sailboat to the direction from which the wind ... such as close hauled (sailing close to the wind), beam reach (with the wind ...
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