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Where Is Bali? - Travel Information - Asia Travel - About.com
Bali is the most famous of Indonesia's 17,000 islands and has been a tourist favorite for decades. Popular for its pristine beaches and green landscapes dotted ...
Best Time to Visit Bali - Asia Travel - About.com
The secret is out: Bali is beautiful. No matter the time of year, you'll have to share Indonesia's most popular island with quite a number of people. In fact, a ...
Hinduism in Bali - Southeast Asia Travel - About.com
Balinese culture is founded on the main tenets of Hinduism; Balinese belief corresponds in many ways to Hinduism as practiced in the Indian subcontinent.
Bali Culture 101 - Southeast Asia Travel - About.com
An overview of Bali's complex and all-embracing culture: read on to put Bali's temples, festivals, and performances into context.
Southeast Asia Travel: South Bali - About.com
South Bali is where most of the island's action takes place: Kuta's white sand beaches and raucuous nightlife, Denpasar's urban attractions, and Nusa Dua's ...
Dos and Don't's in Bali, Indonesia - Tips for Travelers
Tips for tourists who want to make the most out of their trip to Bali, Indonesia, including advice on safety, health, etiquette, and more.
Best Surf Spots in Bali - Indonesia - Southeast Asia Travel - About.com
Bali has more great surfing shoreline per mile of coastline than any other place in the world. Here's a brief run-down of the best surf spots.
Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Bali - Asia Travel - About.com
Finding the cheapest flights to Bali is easy. Read about the best departure cities, the airport in Bali, arrival information, and everything you need to know about ...
Things to Do in Ubud, Bali | Ubud Temples, Ubud dining, Bali culture
The laid-back town of Ubud is considered by many to be the epicenter for arts and culture in Bali. Ubud (pronounced “Ew-bood”) has developed a reputation as  ...
Galungan and the Balinese Pawukon Calendar | Bali Religion ...
In Bali culture, there are only 210 days in one year of a Pawukon calendar, divided into six months of 35 days each.
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