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Don Wetzel - History of the ATM Machine and Don Wetzel - Inventors
Don Wetzel was the inventor of a successful automated teller machine or ATM in the USA.
ATM Deposit - Machines with Scanning Technology - Banking/Loans
How to take advantage of ATM deposit and machines with scanning technology at banks. Using bank ATMs to make a deposit without slips or envelopes.
How to Use an ATM - Banking/Loans - About.com
Safety First. The first thing to remember when using an ATM is to be safe. That machine has direct access to your bank account, and you might have a lot of cash ...
Bitcoin ATM Machine: Exchange Dollars for Bitcoin
Wondering about the next step for the digital currency, Bitcoin? Introducing the Bitcoin Machine, a tiny atm that allows you to exchange dollars for Bitcoin.
How to Use ATMs Safely - 7 Steps to ATM Security - Banking/Loans
If you see something that looks unfamiliar on the machine, it could be part of an ATM scam. Card skimmers (external readers) and hidden cameras can be used ...
Find ATM's Worldwide - International ATM Machines - Student Travel
Before you leave home, find ATM machine locations in your destination with this handy search engine. You may assume they are everywhere, but in fact, they ...
ATM Machines Use Biometrics to Combat Fraud - Banking/Loans
Learn more about the new biometric technology ATM machines are using to verify identity with fingerprint scanners to prevent fraud.
How to Make ATM Deposits to Your Bank Account - Banking/Loans
ATM deposits can make your life easier. ... Go to the machine, insert your debit card, and enter your PIN (be sure to cover your hand as you enter your PIN).
Money Matters - Using Your ATM card in Europe - Europe Travel
You've heard that using an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Europe is the way to go. Find out the pros and cons of ATM usage in Europe.
Using ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) - New York City Travel
ATMs are plentiful throughout New York City, with locations in banks, delis, hotels and even nightclubs. It's convenient to have access in so many places (& nice ...
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