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Richard Wagner - The Ring Cycle - Classical Music - About.com
An examination of the plot and characters found in opera composer Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle is found in this article. Includes Woton, Frika, Freya, Alberich ...
Major Gods and Goddesses in Norse Mythology
In Norse mythology, Andvari (Alberich) guards treasures, including Tarnkappe, a cape of invisibility, and gives Loki the magic ring of the Aesir, which is called ...
German Myth 9: Goethe, the Erlking and the Color White
What do Alberich, the goddess Alphito, the Erlking, Lilith, and Moby Dick have in common? To this day, German literary critics and editorial writers continue to ...
Death of Baldur - Ancient / Classical History - About.com
The chief dwarfs are Alberich and Mime, brothers, and later Hagan, son of Alberich. The chief nymphs are the Rhine-daughters, Flosshilda, Woglinda, and ...
Anat (Sumerian) Goddess Anat
Daughter of El and Baal's sister, an archer, virgin, and nursemaid to the gracious gods, she was called the Lady of Heaven and Mistress of all gods.
Telemundo's 'Santa Diabla' - Show Profile - Soap Operas - About.com
Alberich Bormann as Iván Cano (18 years old) Ana Osorio as Daniela Milan (16 years old) Fred Valle as Gaspar Cano Arianne Pellicer as Francisca De Cano
German First Names and Their Meanings: Abbo-Anton
Short form of "Joachim" (of Hebrew origin, "whom God exalts"); Joachim and Anne were said to be the parents of the Virgin Mary. Name Day: 16 August, Alberich ...
Growing Canna - Tropical Perennials for the Garden - Gardening
Cannas are tropical flowering plants with large, banana like leaves that are grown as annuals in cooler regions. These bulbs are easy care and make a dramatic ...
Bulfinch's Mythology Glossary - Ancient / Classical History - About.com
Alberich, dwarf guardian of Rhine gold treasure of the Nibelungs Albracca, siege of, Alcestis, wife of Admetus, offered hersell as sacrifice to spare her husband, ...
World War 1 - A Short Timeline 1917 - European History - About.com
February 6 - March 16: Operation Alberich, where German troops withdraw 25 miles to the Hindenburg line. • February 24: The UK releases The Zimmermann ...
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