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How to Quickly Add a Sender to Your Gmail Address Book
Got an email and want to add its sender to your address book? Here's how to turn senders into Gmail contacts with speed and but little effort.
How to Back Up or Copy Your Outlook Express Address Book
If the complete string under File: is "C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\ Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\user_name.wab", for example, highlight  ...
How to Create a Simple Address Book Using PHP - PHP/MySQL
Before we can begin we need to decide what fields we wish to include in our address book. For this demonstration we will use Name, E-mail and Phone number, ...
How to Add Sender to Address Book in Mozilla / Netscape
Build your Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape or Mozilla address book with ease and two clicks by adding the senders of incoming mails instantly.
Back Up or Move Your Address Book Contacts to a New Mac
You've spent a long time building your Address Book contact list, so why aren't you backing it up? Sure, Apple's Time Machine will back up your contact list, but ...
Yahoo! Mail: Add Contacts to Address Book Automatically
Yahoo! Mail can build your email address book: here's how to have Yahoo! Mail add everybody you mail to your.
Back Up or Copy Your Outlook Express Address Book Step by Step ...
Select "Tools | Address Book..." from the menu in Outlook Express.
How to Open Your Outlook.com Address Book - Email - About.com
Where is the address book for editing, adding and removing entries? It is, fortunately, right at hand in Outlook.com called People. You can open Outlook. com ...
Add a Sender to Your Windows Live Hotmail Address Book
If somebody has sent you an email and you want to add them to your Windows Live Hotmail address book, here's an easy way to go about doing it.
Add Names to Address Book Automatically in Outlook 2000
Never forget to enter the email address of somebody you reply to in your Outlook address book.
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