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Articles related to academic probation

What Is Academic Probation? - College Life - About.com
Academic probation can be frightening, especially if you're not even sure what it means. Here's a definition along with what to do if placed on probation.
What is Academic Probation - Young Adults - About.com
Definition: Academic probation is an official warning from a university that your child has not maintained his academic standing – his grade point average, ...
What to Do If You're Placed on Academic Probation - College Life
Being placed on academic probation in college may have been totally expected - - or a complete surprise. Either way, it's serious business. Figure out what ...
What Is Disciplinary Probation? - College Life - About.com
In contrast to academic probation, disciplinary probation results from behavior that a school deems unacceptable. Find out more about what exact disciplinary ...
Coping with Academic Probation - Young Adults - About.com
Academic Probation & Dismissal: Helping your child appeal.
How to Appeal an Academic Dismissal - Young Adults - About.com
But while it may be news to you, it's not to your child, who has spent at least a semester on academic probation. This isn't the end of the line, though. A university ...
"The Sims 2 University" Academic Probation - Sim Games - About.com
Sims cannot cruise through college without doing their homework and attending class. If they do not pass, they are put on academic probation. This means Sims ...
Academic Progress Rate - Basketball - About.com
Of the other five players on the roster, two did not maintain good standing and then left school (0 points) while three others wound up on academic probation (3  ...
Tips for Appealing an Academic Dismissal In Person
If you plan to appeal an academic dismissal from college in person, these 10 tips can help make your appeal as ... Academic Dismissal or Suspension.
What to Do if You Fail a Class in College - College Life - About.com
Many schools allow for an academic slip-up here and there (financially speaking) , but if you are on academic probation, are not taking enough units, or have any ...
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