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abort - Linux Command - Unix Command
Linux / Unix Command Library: abort. Learn about its synopsis, description, options, and examples.
Why Did You Choose Abortion? - Women's Issues - About.com
He didn't want it and his family said that either I abort or else. I did what they forced me to do and they have ruined my life to this day. I hate small towns. I can't  ...
sftp - Linux Command - Unix Command
... stdin Since it lacks user interaction it should be used in conjunction with non- interactive authentication. sftp will abort if any of the following commands fail: get  ...
What the Bible Says About Abortion - Christian Teens - About.com
Thus, the question of whether or not abortion is wrong depends on whether or not you believe aborting a fetus is murder. Genesis 9:5 – “Murder is forbidden.
Vanishing Twin Syndrome - Twins and Multiples
One of the fetuses in a twin pregnancy spontaneously aborts, usually during the first trimester; the fetal tissue is absorbed by the other twin, the placenta, or the ...
Common Reasons Women Have for Abortions - Contraception
Jun 29, 2014 ... The decision to have an abortion is generally decided by both diverse and interrelated reasons. Most women usually cite several reasons for ...
assert - Linux Command - Unix Command
Otherwise, the macro assert() prints an error message to standard output and terminates the program by calling abort() if expression is false (i.e., compares ...
Controlling Blossom Drop of Tomatoes - Gardening - About.com
According to the University of NV, "...temperatures over 104 F / 40 C for only four hours can cause the flowers to abort." Gardeners in cooler climates should not ...
Termination of a Desired Pregnancy for Medical Reasons
Selective abortion is a divisive issue and a delicate matter for parents to consider when prenatal screening results in a diagnosis of a severe chromosomal ...
vim - Linux Command - Unix Command
If no GUI support was compiled in, an error message is given and Vim aborts. -h: Give a bit of help about the command line arguments and options. After this Vim ...
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